The Poker King Club’s most lucrative event of the year, the Suncity Cup with a mammoth HK$8 Million Guaranteed Main Event, is just a few short weeks away. This highly anticipated event is looking to draw one of the biggest field in Asia with offsite qualifier legs scheduled at various key locations around the region. Two of these legs have already completed with more still on the way.

Below, we have provided some frequently requested information to help you along in becoming a part of this grand event. The festival will officially take place from November 23 – December 2 at The Venetian Macau.

#1: How do I enter the Main Event?

To enter, players may join any of the six Day 1 legs scheduled. These legs are hosted at various destinations throughout Asia and the entry fee varies per location:

  • September 24 – 25 in Grand Paradise Casino – Jeju, South Korea (KRW 990,000) – Completed
  • October 12 – 15 in Solaire Casino – Manila, Philippines (PHP45,000) – Completed
  • November 2 – 5 in Solaire Casino – Manila, Philippines (PHP45,000)
  • November 3 – 5 CLBC The Flagship – Taipei, Taiwan (TWD 27,000)
  • November 10 -12 Paradise Casino Incheon – Inchen, Korea (KRW 990,000)
  • November 23 – 28 The Venetian Macau (final venue) – Cotai, Macau (HK$ 6,600)

Players that have qualified into Day 2 (at any stop) will immediately receive a payout amounting up to HK$6,000. The Main Event will resume at its final destination, The Venetian Macao, from November 29 – December 2 for Day 2, Day 3, and the Final Day.

#2: How do I qualify into Day 2?

All Day 1s will play until it is down to 15% (rounded to the nearest whole number) of the field. For example, there will be 15 qualifiers for every 100 entries. Once that is reached, play will be stopped and the tournament will resume at The Venetian Macau.

#3: Can I buy-in directly into Day 2?

Yes. Players will be allowed to buy-in directly into Day 2 for HK$38,000. Starting stack is 100,000. There are two Day 2s held on November 29 & 30.

#4: If I qualify to Day 2 twice, how much stack will I be able to use?

Players that have qualified into Day 2 with multiple stacks will only be allowed to play the largest stack. The lower stack(s) will be removed from play.

#5: Are Day 1 payouts deducted from the total prize pool?

Yes, Day 1 payouts are deducted from the total prize pool. This is calculated by adding up all the Main Event Day 1 entries from all of the stops.

#6: How is the final payout structure calculated?

The final payout structure is based on the total number of qualifiers and direct entrants into Day 2.

#7: Where can I find the tournament schedule and structures?

You can find all the information in the Poker King Club website at www.pokerking-club.com, and at the event’s official website www.suncity-cup.com.

Article by Triccia David

Original Article by Somuchpoker.com

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